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Brett “Shred” Landry IS The Night Shifts, he is a native guitarist of the Oklahoma Rock scene, and his style reflects it.
Imagine if Slash, Zakk Wylde, and Tyler Bryant And The Shakedown all had music babies, that would be Shred’s sound;
A killer songwriter with crazy solos. A versatile player grounded by a passion for hard rock and blues, Shred has played for a number of touring Midwest bands since 2017.

In addition to touring and recording with other bands, he also started “Brett Landry and the Night Shifts” in 2018 and later on dropped “Brett Landry” out of the name.
After going to the school of hard knocks several times in Nashville, learning from legendary rock artists and taking heed the knowledge he now resides in Austin planning to take on the world and get on Gibson Records one show at a time.
With his unyielding drive to become a legendary guitarist and songwriter, he brings a high-energy show every single time.
As the man says himself, “If I can’t play music then I’d rather be dead.”

- V. Pacheco

Here's a clip from our last show in Nashville below

Notable venues we’ve played:

  • Sagebrush - Austin TX
  • State Theater Harrah - Oklahoma City
  • Bowie’s Nashville TN
  • Pucketts Leipers Fork -Franklin TN
  • Kimbros - Franklin TN
  • Mockingbird Theater - Franklin TN
  • Blue Note - Oklahoma City
  • VZD’S - Oklahoma City
  • Venerable Red Rooster - (permanently closed) Oklahoma City
  • Paseo Festival - Oklahoma City
  • Old Broadway Club - Joplin Missouri
  • Blackthorn Pizza - Joplin Missouri
  • Oklahoma City Limits - Oklahoma City
  • Danny’s Blues Saloon - somewhere in Oklahoma
  • Twister fest - somewhere in Oklahoma
  • Railhead saloon - Lawton Oklahoma
  • JJ’s Alley - Oklahoma City
  • Live from the 615 (HOME) - Nashville TN

The Night Shifts

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